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There are times where you might need the services of a trusted Marietta locksmith. For instance, you may have recently bought a new home, and are now facing the task of rekeying every lock on your property. Or perhaps you want to completely replace the locks on your front and back doors. Rekeying an entire home is a tricky process, one that should be trusted in the hands of professionals.

Whatever your problem, you can count on Clint's Lock and Key to take care of things for you. We are part of the community of Big Chicken lovers, and will often make the trek for the best fried chicken in the South. With a deep understanding of the culture of this community, we are your trusted Marietta locksmith. Whatever your issue, we can come out to your home or place of business. While our standard hours are 9 am to 5 pm, we do provide an after-hours service in case of emergencies.

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For years, Clint's Lock and Key has been serving domestic and commercial customers across Marietta and all of North Georgia. We provide a wide range of services, some of which aren’t offered by many of our competitors.

Examples of the services we offer include the maintenance, and replacement door locks and keys, as well as panic devices and hardware, and combination safe changes. We can also adjust your doors, create duplicate keys, and even install door closing systems. You can also rely on us to repair existing locks and re-key them too. 

Our high-security restricted keys ensure that no unauthorized duplication can be made from your key. You can pair this key with our restricted locks that are pick-proof and drill-resistant. With this level of security, you can rest easy knowing that an invasion of your privacy is highly unlikely.

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If you need a trusted Marietta locksmith, simply contact Clint's Lock and Key today on ​​​​​678-600-7437. We are here to help you in your hour of need, whatever hour that may be!